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    NIA principal services consist of selling security services, investigations services, executive protection services and training services to our clients. Our services are designed to appeal to the general public, corporate world and the government to provide homeland security services, protecting people and preventing adverse situations from threatening the peace of our homeland. Our services provide our clients with the best our industry has to offer. We have an international network of investigators through our memberships in worldwide Detective Associations. Because of our capabilities to network with other Agencies and information centers, we solve cases faster than our competitors could. We will continuously have an above-average sales force to generate and close residential listings. The staff at Investigative Services Agency, Inc. is committed to success in the Security and Investigation Industry and adheres to the strict rules handed down by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. Our staff’s high level of commitment is enabling the company to attract top professionals as agents and investigators and clients looking for our services.

    The security industry is a multi billion dollar business and is expected to grow significantly in the next few years as congress approves homeland defense budgets. Our Security Service have a crucial role in safeguarding our Nation's Security. As a Private Agency, we make our contribution to the world Community by conducting personnel security, investigations and providing industrial security services and products, as well as offering comprehensive security education and training to our clients. NIA offers the unique advantage of integrating counterintelligence into its core security disciplines through our training programs, policy development, and operational support to our field elements.

    The NIA offers professionally licensed and trained agents with many years of experience in security, investigations, law enforcement and executive protection. These services offer executives, staff and management the peace of mind knowing there is a professional available for emergencies and general help while also giving a strong presence to thwart any potential stalking, attack, theft or crime committed during the detail. NIA agents are trained in sensitive areas such as political, celebrity and crisis security where sensitivity and a strong presence are needed.

   By using a Licensed Agency clients reduce their insurance risk exposure by showing proper due diligence in hiring professionals. Each one of our agents are trained specialist who are certified in any emergency procedure pursuant within the scope of his/her employment. The NIA assumes the liability, time management, scheduling, threat assessment and payroll burden saving our clients much of the risk and costs associated with downtime and lost opportunity burdens to our clients.

    Investigations: Investigations are comprised of several different types. Domestics, criminal, civil, backgrounds, skip traces and more. The maze of criminal activity is never ending. To ensure success our agents are cross trained in all areas of investigations they undergo extensive training.



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  • "ISA does wonderful work. They are very thorough. I have referred them to other clients, and they have also done wonderful work for them. They are far more thorough than other in..."
    Dan O'Malley
    O'Malley and Company - Certified Public Accountants
  • "I found ISA to be trustworthly and very committed. I was really impressed with the turnaround time and was very satisfied."
    Pati Flannery